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What We Do?

We are pursuing a more peaceful and sustainable communities through :

Executive Leadership programs

Great leaders are a magnet for top talent and create the culture of performance that any community needs to accelerate its growth.

Life Skills programs

Life skills—like critical thinking, problem solving, communication, and conflict management to name only a few—are needed for success in life and work.

Civic Engagement initiatives

Nations are solid when individuals can impact the status quo of their communities, stand up for their rights, and hold their decision makers accountable.

Exchange & Volunteering programs

Exchange and volunteering are a key element to strengthening networks across cultures and creating a more peaceful and just world.

Creative Space

Our creative social innovation space in Jendouba is the right environment for people and ideas to collide and grow. Come to create, impact and grow.

Youth and Entrepreneurship

Nations are sustainable when each citizen contributes to the economic prosperity of individuals as well as communities.