About Us


Our Story

At one point in the near past, the expression “ISET Mahdia” evoked strong feelings of tediousness and boredom. You could practically see people yawning when they hear it.

Until one day, two guys living a normal tedious ISET Mahdia life decided there was more to life than conventional studying. So they started a club and offered training to their peers. They organized big events, landed awards, and created an active community of young people. And because they had an ampler vision, they chose to continue spreading non-formal education to help other communities.

Like that, Youtheon was born in Jendouba. The quest was to work on reforming a stagnant community and unexploited potentials by providing youth with practical skills to reshape their reality. Since 2018, Youtheon has implemented projects and trained young people to become changemakers advocating for Democracy, Climate Issues, an Inclusive Society, and Technological Inclusiveness. Collaborating with multiple organizations on national and international levels, Youtheon now holds a bigger goal: to impact the youth in the world.




Empowered Youth




Our Work Scope

  • Democracy:

• Boost civic responsibility.

• Encourage volunteering services.

• Connect youth.

  • Inclusion:

• Facilitate Employment Integration.

• Develop Entrepreneurial Spirit.

• Work for Technological inclusion within
  marginalized communities.

  • Development:

• Develop youth capacities through non
  formal content.

• Support Exchange and volunteering

• Networking Opportunities.

  • Environment:

• Raise awareness and sensitivity.

• Knowledge and understanding.

• Participation and Advocacy.


Youtheon's Members

Manar Msaad

Project development & fundraising assistant

Ines Mestaoui

Project development & fundraising assistant

Chaima Snoussi

Project development & fundraising assistant

Mariem Elfouzaii

International cooperation assistant

Nourhen Machkena

International cooperation assistant

Nour Zairi

Local partnerships assistant

Saber Kahlaoui

Local partnerships assistant

Linda Zairi

Digital branding assistant

Aya Barouni

Digital branding assistant

Rifka Hamda


Aymen Jeddi

Graphic desgnier

Bouthaina Jamai

Project management coordinator